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Design and manufacture of Street Furniture

Fit modular, achieve bespoke.

Our newest ranges are modular street furniture solutions that you can combine in any way you like to create unique designs.

  • AKRI Retaining steel walls with planters and integrated seating
  • RailRoad Endless seating configurations and integrated planters
  • Uniun Bold and unique seating with integrated planters
  • Elements - Seating and table configurations with a classic look

What is a modular solution?

A modular solution takes standardised but interchangeable units that can be combined in different ways to produce different outcomes. Parts of them can be added, removed or customised usually at any point during the installation process.

At Furnitubes our modular solutions are made to adapt all products that have been intricately designed to meet the requirements of any project be it a large public realm scheme or an intimate rooftop allotment.

Why go modular?

Modularity refers to the meaning “to break something down into separate or independent parts that can then be used for the same functionality in different systems or products”.

We’ve created our modular solutions with flexibility to create various configurations and set ups for any scheme design. We saw the need for high quality modern looking street furniture that is both scalable and versatile, to give landscape architects the freedom to produce unique designs and configurations quickly and on a budget without compromising on quality.

Benefits of a modular solution:

  • Space saving and optimum utility
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to assemble
  • Faster installation time
  • Standard pieces maximum possibilities
  • Scalable and retrofitting options

Bespoke Commissions

Our designers and engineers will work with you to create bespoke works, to their specification.

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