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Elements® Interchangeable seats & benches

Create unlimited seating combinations using standard components

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Developed by our design team, the Elements® range is based around a series of standard 'mix and match' outdoor furniture components that offer a wide range of seating and tables in a maximum choice of styles, sizes, materials and features. With 1000’s of possible combinations, the possibilities are endless and your selection is tailored specifically to suit your site and the end product is likely to be a truly unique solution.

Elements standard outdoor seating has eight support options to choose from, two chassis sizes and three timber slat sizes, optional extras such as backrests, armrests and anti-skate devices are also available. All supports are supplied pre-drilled for a bolt-down installation and XL seating is stable enough to be left freestanding (on secure sites)

A key benefit of the Elements range is that the individual components have been designed so that they can be easily replaced over time, either with like-for-like spares or with other alternatives from the range making the products cost-effective and fully adaptable.

Choosing the right size seat for your site

The Elements range offers a variety of seating depth sizes suitable for all applications, allowing for a coordinated suite of different seating forms from the same family to be used across a single scheme.

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Elements® Standard Seating

The original form of Elements, offering the widest choice of options, including:

  • Benches & seats with backs
  • 2 length options, to accommodate 3 or 4 people
  • 8 support type options
  • Ground-fixing
  • Available in multiple material and finish options

Elements® XL Seating

The latest addition to the range, Elements XL seating features include:

  • Benches & seats with backs
  • 2 length options, to accommodate 3 or 4 people
  • 7 support type options
  • Freestanding installation
  • Bench width allows perch seating from both sides
  • Standard and high backrests
  • Heavy duty armrests
  • Allows back-to-back placement
  • Available in multiple material and finish options

Elements® Narrow Bench

Narrow benches are ideal short term seating solutions, offered in the following options:

  • Bench forms only (no backs)
  • 2 length options, to accommodate 3 or 4 people
  • 8 support type options
  • 2 height options
  • Post support only
  • Available in multiple material and finish options

Materials and finishes:

  • Iroko timber slat size (width): small 40mm, medium 65mm or large 140mm
  • Orientation of slats: side to side or back to front
  • Fascia boards: iroko timber

Seat slats are offered in Iroko timber as standard which changes in colour over time from UV exposure. To maintain its original look and feel , we recommend treating the timber with a UV protective coating that will preserve a richer colouration over a longer period of time compared with untreated timber.

Freshly Machined Iroko
3-6 month Iroko
6-9 month Iroko
12 month Iroko

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