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The Access Control range has been introduced by Furnitubes to help solve common traffic management issues within car parks and private estates. Furnitubes' Access Control range includes: manual arm barriers, swing gates, height restrictors, one way traffic flow plates, speed ramps, hooped perimeter barriers, low level protection rails, car park posts, bollards and railings.

Here's how Furnitubes access control product range can benefit you:

  • A choice of Barriers and gates, the perfect solution to make sure that your site can only be accessed by authorised vehicles.
  • Specifically designed height restrictors to ensure that your site can only be accessed by the vehicles you want to allow!
  • Our extensive range of protection barriers and rails function not only in prohibiting unwanted access, they also clearly define perimeters and stop serious accidents occurring.
  • Use our speed and traffic flow restrictions for decreasing congestion and increasing the safety of pedestrians and vehicles on your site, by ensuring the traffic is controlled and guided.
  • Or choose from our extensive range of bollards for restricting access, traffic calming and protecting pedestrians and buildings from vehicles.

For practical, expert advice  talk to us today on 020 8378 3200.

Address: 3rd Floor, Meridian House, Royal Hill, Greenwich, London SE10 8RD

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8378 3200

Email: sales@furnitubes.com

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