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Alta Wall-Top Seating

Alta is a contemporary and versatile wall-top seating system available in a number of different forms and size options, including flat bench platforms, platforms with back-stops, and full height and enclosed backrests. The back-stop version is unique to the Alta range and is designed to make users aware of the rear edge to the platform and any potential vertical drop beyond, helping to prevent accidental backward falls. Alta Wall-top seating comprises of iroko hardwood slats attached to internal steelwork frames.



405 deep

550mm deep
Open Back

600mm deep
Enclosed Back

600mm deep
 2 Person Platform 
 1000mm long
ALW 4B 2
ALW 4X 2 ALW 4S 2 ALW 4E 2
 3 Person Platform
 1500mm long
ALW 4B 3
ALW 4X 3 ALW 4S 3 ALW 4E 3
 4 Person Platform
 2000mm long
ALW 4B 4
ALW 4X 4 ALW 4S 4 ALW 4E 4


  • Steel substructure and brackets - triple process powder coated to any RAL colour
  • Iroko timber slats - smooth planed finish
  • Iroko timber slats - oiled or UV protective finish


  • End armrests only
  • Extended depth for standard & back-stop bench platforms


  • Alta Wall-top seating platforms can be installed directly alongside each other or with gaps between. In both situations, ensure sufficient space is required behind platforms (recommended 300mm minimum) to access the rear wall fixings
  • Alta Wall-top seating platform is fitted to the top of the wall at 4 points, through brackets that are designed to align with mortar joints of a standard brick-on-edge soldier course, or any homogenous wall construction
  • Optional generic fixing kit - comprising 4 no. sets of threaded inserts for fixing into the wall, studs, nuts and washers - can be supplied on request
  • Full installation instructions are provided

Product Notes

Setting Out
Alta Wall-top seating platforms must be installed with a recommended minimum 300mm space behind platforms to access the rear wall fixings. 

Design changes
We reserve the right to change the design and specification on any item offered and, where possible, notification will be made.

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  • Alta Seat Enclosed Back

    Alta Seat Enclosed Back

  • Alta Seat Enclosed Back

    Alta Seat Enclosed Back

  • Alta Seat Open Back

    Alta Seat Open Back

  • Alta Seat Open Back

    Alta Seat Open Back

  • Alta Bench Backstop

    Alta Bench Backstop

  • Alta Bench Backstop

    Alta Bench Backstop

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