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Ashdown Bollard

Ashdown circular bollards are made from naturally durable hardwood timbers that offer good fire resistance and are 100% biodegradable. It has a domed top to aid water run-off and is available with grooves to hold a choice of reflective tape. Opepe is the standard material for the Ashdown range, finished with a coat of woodstain to provide a soft sheen finish and extend the rich colouration. Timber bollards can be drilled to accept tubes or eyebolts for chains in order to form a pedestrian barrier. 


Above Ground  500mm 600mm 800mm 1000mm
Below Ground  250mm 300mm 400mm 500mm
 Ø125mm ARP 125/750 
(weight: 8kg)

ARP 125/900 
ARP 125/1200 
(weight: 13kg)
ARP 125/1500 
(weight: 16kg)
ARP 150/750
(weight: 11kg)
ARP 150/900
(weight: 14kg)
ARP 150/1200
(weight: 18kg)
ARP 150/1500
(weight: 23kg)
ARP 175/750
(weight: 16kg)
ARP 175/900
(weight: 20kg)
ARP 175/1200
(weight: 27kg)
ARP 175/1500
(weight: 35kg)
 Ø200mm ARP 200/750
(weight: 21kg)
ARP 200/900
(weight: 26kg)
ARP 200/1200
(weight: 35kg)
ARP 200/1500
(weight: 45kg)

Replace 'ARP' in code with 'ARG' for timber bollard with groove. 


  • Opepe hardwood timber - Sadolin Woodstain finish, colour 'Mais'
    (Material is subject to availability - alternatives may be offered including Wallebe and Greenheart)


  • Removable - Galvanised or Stainless steel socket
  • With groove(s) and optional reflective tape
  • Pre-fitted eyebolts for chain link connection
  • Pre-drilled to accept circular steel rails
  • Reflective plates, discs or D.f.T sign plates (only bollards with grooves)


  • Foundation depth is usually the same as the root depth of the bollard
  • Minimum recommended foundation diameter is the root diameter plus 200mm
  • Concrete mix to 25 newtons

Product Notes

Legally Sourced Timber
All hardwoods are sourced from countries where governments operate strict controls on the size of trees that can be felled and where a forest conservation policy and planting programme is in operation.

Design changes
We reserve the right to change the design and specification on any item offered and, where possible, notification will be made.

**Sizes stated are nominal; finished sizes may be reduced due to machining tolerances.

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  • ARP150/500 Ashdown hardwood timber bollards with groove & tape

    ARP150/500 Ashdown hardwood timber bollards with groove & tape

  • ARP150/1500 Ashdown hardwood timber bollards with groove & tape

    ARP150/1500 Ashdown hardwood timber bollards with groove & tape

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