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Bollard Chain

A range of standard accessories are available to adapt Furnitubes bollards for other uses. Eyebolts can be fitted to bollards and used in conjunction with Split Links and Chain to form barriers that effectively define area boundaries.

Eyebolts can be supplied fitted to the bollard or loose for application on site. Split links need to be supplied for each eyebolt to attach the chain.

Chain is supplied in galvanised steel and is available in spiked or plain links.

Contact a member of our Sales Team for advice, availability and prices.


  • CHNS (spiked link chain)
    60mm (l) each chain link
  • CHNP (plain link chain)
    50mm (l) each chain link
  • EBAB (eyebolt)
    55mm (l) x 33mm (w)
  • SLNK (split link)
    60mm (l) x 35mm (w)


  • Steel - galvanised finish
  • Steel - zinc plated finish

Product Notes

Chain length
When calculating meterage requirements, remember to take into account the extra length required to allow for the ‘sagging’ of the chain.

Design changes
We reserve the right to change the design and specification on any item offered and, where possible, notification will be made.

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  • CHNS steel spiked chain link

    CHNS steel spiked chain link

  • EBAB steel eye bolt

    EBAB steel eye bolt

  • SLNK steel split link

    SLNK steel split link

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