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Brechin Planter

The Brechin is a concrete planter that requires minimal maintenance and creates a natural look for areas. The concrete planter can be deployed to form both a visual and practical deterrent from vandalism and the theft of plants, and is extremely hard-wearing. The Brechin is made up of two basic components; the base plinth, which is supplied in a plain finish, and the ring, which is supplied in a natural round beige finish as standard. A ballidon off-white finish ring is available upon special request.
To create a taller planter as many extension rings can be added as visually acceptable.


  • BRE 500  - 500mm (sq) x 630mm (h); weight: 62kg
  • BRE 770  - 770mm (sq) x 630mm (h); weight: 93kg
  • BRE 100  - 1000mm (sq) x 630mm (h); weight: 395kg
  • BRE 120  - 1200mm (sq) x 630mm (h); weight: 1190kg
  • BRE 180  - 1800mm (sq) x 630mm (h); weight: 1600kg


  • Concrete rings - natural round beige finish (exposed aggregate)
  • Concrete plinth - plain white finish


  • Extension ring(s) 270mm high
  • Ballidon off-white finish (exposed aggegate)


  • Forklift access (larger planters)
  • Given their heavy weight, concrete planters can be left freestanding on a suitable paving or sub base

Product Notes

Forklift version
This version of the base plinth has access points to take a fork lift truck, thereby allowing the planter to be moved around on site without difficulty. The height of the forklift version base plinth is 140mm. Please note that all Brechin planters large than 500mm square are only available with the forklift version base plinth.

Heavy item
Please observe health and safety safe lifting guidelines. A fork lift or crane will be required for off-loading.

Design changes
We reserve the right to change the design and specification on any item offered and, where possible, notification will be made.

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  • BRE120 Brechin concrete planter

    BRE120 Brechin concrete planter

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