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Drakon Seating Block

Drakon is an exciting, unique, new range of concrete seating blocks exclusive to Furnitubes - based on a concept of large scale dragon’s teeth. Available in 3 complimentary but subtly different forms, Drakon offers a softer more sculptural aesthetic compared with square-faced concrete seating units. The Drakon 1 person concrete seating blocks particularly lend themselves to informal seating arrangements, for sites such as pocket parks and school courtyards. Available in our wide range of standard concrete colour mixes and finishes, with optional contrasting finishes on the flat sides.The oval shape on both sides is a shallow dished recess in the same finish as the surrounding faces, except when polished.


  Product Code Length

 Form I 250kg DRK1
500 535 485
 Form II 240kg DRK2
500 535 450
 Form III 240kg DRK3
500 535 450



  • Polished flat side faces (flat areas only - not dishes)


  • Given the heavy weight of the block, and depending on the nature of the environment in which they are installed, Drakon units can be left freestanding
  • All units are pre-fitted with 2 inserts to accept ground anchor studs (supplied) for setting into concrete foundation pad for if it is felt necessary to fix the blocks in position

Product Notes

Drakon Seating Forms I, II & III are Registered Designs of Furnitubes International Ltd. 

Colour & finish
Photographic images cannot be relied upon to provide a true representation of the colour and/or texture of our standard stone finishes. If a specific finish is critical to your scheme, it is recommended that you request a sample by calling us on 0208 378 3200, or email us. Please be advised however that there may be minor tonal variations between stone batches and that a precise colour match to a sample cannot be guaranteed.

Heavy item
Please observe health and safety safe lifting guidelines. A fork lift or crane will be required for off-loading.

Design changes
We reserve the right to change the design and specification on any item offered and, where possible, notification will be made.

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  • DRK1 Drakon Form I concrete seating block

    DRK1 Drakon Form I concrete seating block

  • DRK2 Drakon Form lI concrete seating block

    DRK2 Drakon Form lI concrete seating block

  • DRK1 Drakon Form I seating block

    DRK1 Drakon Form I seating block

  • DRK1 Drakon Form I seating block

    DRK1 Drakon Form I seating block

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