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Fingerpost - Doric

The Doric fingerpost is a composite directional signage post that utilises the Doric cast iron bollard with its decorative fluted sides as a robust base and a galvanised steel core column. The finial and finger arms are cast in aluminium; both attach to Furnitubes' unique telescopic spigot. This flexible system allows the easy addition, removal or modification of arms. At maximum extension, the spigot can accommodate collars and finial up to a total height of 1500mm.

Finger arms are available in different sizes, lengths and shapes, with a number of standard typeface options and a large range of symbols.


Product code FCDO 219 G 
Column size 2400mm (a/g) to underside of fingers x 600mm (b/g) x Ø170mm
Finals to complete
the column
  • Lancer Finals
  • Ball Finals
  • Tablet Finials
Finger arm options 
  • Single line arm
  • Double line arm
  • Treble line arm
Collar arm
  • Full height collar arm
  • Half height collar arm


  • Cast aluminium finial - painted finish
  • Cast aluminium arms - painted finish and lettering highlighted 
  • Cast iron decorative base collar - painted finish
  • Steel column & root - galvanised and painted finish
  • Steel telescopic spigot - galvanised finish


  • Directional arm choice
  • Font, lettering and symbols
  • Highlighted border and feature rings


  • Minimum recommended foundation is 600 x 600 x 600mm
  • Concrete mix to 25 newtons

Product Notes

Furnitubes are able to create bespoke variations of component parts, finger arms, other font styles or the incorporation of crests. Please contact our Design department to discuss your needs.

Telescopic Spigot
Furnitubes unique telescopic spigot allows ready adjustment of the spigot height during installation to suit the number of arms required.

This flexible system permits future additions of extra arms or modifications without the need for extension spigots or factory modifications. At maximum extension the spigot can accommodate an accumulation of arm collar heights up to 1500mm.

Tablet Finials
Border rings are generally used for lettering and infilled centres for logos or crests, all are available upon request.

Design changes
We reserve the right to change the design and specification on any item offered and, where possible, notification will be made.

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  • Doric Fingerpost, FFT4 Tablet Finial with Solid Centre

    Doric Fingerpost, FFT4 Tablet Finial with Solid Centre

  • Doric Fingerpost, FFT4 Tablet Finial with Solid Centre

    Doric Fingerpost, FFT4 Tablet Finial with Solid Centre

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Refer to e-brochure or PDF for full specification details and options.

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