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Italia Planter

Glass fibre (Glass Reinforced Plastic / GRP) is a lightweight yet very strong material that is ideal for the construction of waterproof plant containers for both interior and exterior use. A wide variety of standard shapes and sizes are available in the Italia range, from small single-plant pots up to large containers suitable for shrubs and small trees. The standard finish is a gloss white, with brown, grey and beige offered as alternatives, and other BS reference colours available on special request. A self-watering system comprising a reservoir in the base of the planter is particularly recommended when planters are used indoors or in a sheltered situation outdoors.


  • IR3020 (circular)
    Ø300mm x 200mm (h)
  • IR1550 (circular)
    Ø1500mm x 500mm (h)
  • IR1560 (circular)
  • Ø1500mm x 600mm (h)
  • IR1575 (circular)
  • Ø1500mm x 750mm (h)
  • IQ4530 (square)
    457mm (sq) x 300mm (h)
  • IQ1075 (square)
    1000mm (sq) x 750mm (h)
  • IL1516 (rectangular)
    1500mm (l) x 1000mm (w) x 600mm (h)
  • IL2016 (rectangular)
    2000mm (l) x 1000mm (w) x 600mm (h)
  • IE6060 (hexagonal)
    600mm (across points) x 600mm (h)


  • Glass reinforced polyester – white gloss finish


  • Brown, beige and grey colours as standard options
  • Other RAL / BS colour references on request
  • Self watering system
  • Drainage holes


  • Freestanding

Product Notes

Self watering system
All G.R.P planters are available with a built in Self Watering System. An additional G.R.P floor is fitted into the base of the planter, in which to fill a reservoir of water. Capillary wicks and matting allows for the water to rise and feed the plant roots above. Water indicator and filler tubes extend from the reservoir to surface level. Note the reservoir level must be checked and refilled in order for the plants to regulate their water supply.
Please advise when ordering should you require a self watering system.

Design changes
We reserve the right to change the design and specification on any item offered and, where possible, notification will be made.

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  • IR 1550  (white) & IR 1560 (blue) & IR 1575 (purple) circular glass fibre planters

    IR 1550 (white) & IR 1560 (blue) & IR 1575 (purple) circular glass fibre planters

  • IR 1550  (white) & IR 1560 (blue) & IR 1575 (purple) circular glass fibre planters

    IR 1550 (white) & IR 1560 (blue) & IR 1575 (purple) circular glass fibre planters

  • Italia circular glass fibre planter

    Italia circular glass fibre planter

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