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Manchester Cycle Stand

The Manchester cycle stand is a traditional looking cycle stand which incorporates two Manchester root fixed bollards, joined together with a decorative arched steel tube to form a cycle stand, complete with cycle motif. Alternatively, two double rails can be used in conjunction with the Manchester bollards to form a simple cycle stand unit. This approach to cyle parking is well suited to town centre heritage sites. The Manchester square base bollards are cast iron with a primed finish as standard and the steel is galvanised. A painted finish is available upon request.


Product Code

 MAN 536 CP 150kg  Standard, primed and galvanised
975 a/g
315 b/g

 MAN 536 CP PT 150kg  Painted
1605 975 a/g
315 b/g

 MAN 536 CP PTH 150kg  Painted and highlighted cycle logo
 roundel with bollard rings
975 a/g
315 b/g

 MAN 602 110kg  Double rail, primed and galvanised
1180 975 a/g
315 b/g



  • Cast iron bollard - primed finish
  • Steel rail - galvanised finish


  • Single rail

Root fixed

  • Foundation depth is usually the same as the root depth of the cycle stand
  • Minimum recommended foundation square is the root square (225mm) plus 200mm
  • Concrete mix to 25 newtons

Product Notes

Furnitubes recommends that painting be carried out on site. It is advisable to leave the rails in a galvanised finish since they may require maintenance due to wear and tear from bicycles and locks.

Design changes
We reserve the right to change the design and specification on any item offered and, where possible, notification will be made.

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  • MAN536CP PT Manchester Traditional cycle stand

    MAN536CP PT Manchester Traditional cycle stand

  • MAN602 Manchester double rail cycle stand

    MAN602 Manchester double rail cycle stand

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