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    Kenton Bollard

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    The Kenton galvanised steel bollard has a circular profile and features a domed top to prevent rainwater accumulating. The Kenton can be supplied with either a single or double inset neck detail, which is ideal for the addition of reflective tape.

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    Product Specifications & Codes

    Product CodeDescriptionDiameter (mm)Height a/g (mm)Height b/g (mm)
    KEN 113Single neck, galvanised finish 27kgØ170900350
    KEN 113SCSecurity, single neck, galvanised finish 28kgØ170900600
    KEN 123Double neck, galvanised finish 28kgØ170900350
    KEN 123SCSecurity, double neck, galvanised finish 28kgØ170900600
    Galvanised Steel Bollard in car park