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Sockets For Removable Railings

When it is necessary for railings to be removable, they can be supplied with Furnitubes F1 socket which is suitable for this task. The sockets are of robust composite steel construction with one hole to accept the railings post and another to access the internal retention bolts. Two lids are also supplied per socket, one to hide these bolts and the other to cover the main hole when not in use.  There are four socket sizes available; F1 50, F1 50x60, F1 75 and F1 115.


  • F1 50 
    to accept 50mm sq post - 335mm (b/g) x 205mm (l) x 100mm (w); weight 6kg
    Compatiable with guardrails: HKR, OKR 
  • F1 50 x 60
    to accept 50mm x 60mm post - 335mm (b/g) x 185mm (l) x 130mm (w); weight 7kg
    Compatiable with guardrail: PGRM
  • F1 75
    to accept Ø75mm post - 300mm (b/g) x 230mm (l) x 140mm (w); weight 11.5kg
    Compatiable with guardrails: Linx 200, Romney, Stretford 75
  • F1 115
    to accept Ø115mm post - 300mm (b/g) x 270mm (l) x 175mm (w); weight 21.5kg
    Compatiable with guardrails: Linx 100, Linx 300, Stretford 115

The dimensions of the socket depends on the guardrail type and size at ground level - please contact the sales team for more information. 


  • Steel - galvanised finish


  • Coated top


  • Prepare the foundation depth at least 75mm deeper than the overall height of the socket and fill below with hard-core or gravel to allow for drainage.
  • Place the socket in the centre of the hole, ensuring there is good clearance on all sides, and hold in vertical position.
  • Concrete mix to 25 newtons, pour and then compact well and check that socket is vertical until set.
  • NOTE: If existing ground is loose or uncompacted, a wider/deeper base of concrete should be used.

Product Notes

Design changes
We reserve the right to change the design and specification on any item offered and, where possible, notification will be made.

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  • F1 50 Socket

    F1 50 Socket

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