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Stirling Bollard

The Stirling is our most competitively priced range of steel and stainless steel bollards, ideal for schemes where cost is the primary consideration. The modern-looking Stirling bollard has a circular profile and a simple flat top, is available in a comprehensive range of materials, finishes and sizes, and as removable versions to allow for occasional vehicular access. Heavy duty security versions are available from 102mm diameter and are set 600mm below ground to provide sufficient foundation to resist ram-raids in areas vulnerable to vehicle strikes.


Above Ground  900mm 1000mm
Below Ground  300mm
 Ø60mm STL 706
(weight: 5.5kg)
STL 806
(weight: 6kg)
STL 737
(weight: 7kg)
STL 837
(weight: 7.5kg)
STL 708
(weight: 8kg)
STL 808
(weight: 8.5kg)
 Ø102mm STL 700
(weight: 9kg)
STL 800
(weight: 10kg)
 Ø115mm STL 701
(weight: 10kg)
STL 801
(weight: 11kg)
STL 703
(weight: 20kg)
STL 803
(weight: 22kg)
 Ø153mm *
STL 705
(weight: 9.5kg)
STL 805
(weight: 10kg)
 Ø170mm STL 702
(weight: 24.5kg)
STL 802
(weight: 27kg)
 Ø195mm * STL 704
(weight: 28.5kg)
STL 804
(weight: 31kg)

† Weights based on standards specification: “mild steel galvanised” different material weights may vary.


  • Steel - galvanised finish
  • Steel - painted finish
  • Stainless steel - G304 bright or satin polished
  • Stainless steel - G316 bright or satin polished


Root fixed

  • Foundation depth is usually the same as the root depth of the bollard
  • Minimum recommended foundation square is the root square plus 200mm
  • Concrete mix to 25 newtons

Base plate

  • Base plates have 4no fixing holes to take M16 bolts (maximum). Fixings not supplied.


  • Foundation depth 320mm
  • Minimum recommended foundation 450mm sq
  • Dig an additional drainage hole 80mm (d) x 150mm (sq) and fill with pea shingle (directly below socket)
  • Concrete mix to 25 newtons


  • Please note that this product will not perform as an anti ram raid bollard until concrete is fully set and must be protected until this time

Product Notes

Ø153mm and Ø195mm bollards are available in mild steel only.

Mild steel Stirling bollards
Small galvanising vent holes are located on the side of the bollard just beneath the top plate, resulting from the galvanising process, which are left unfilled on this range. There are no such holes on stainless steel versions of the product.

Design changes
We reserve the right to change the design and specification on any item offered and, where possible, notification will be made.

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  • Stirling Bollard

    Stirling Bollard

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