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Zenith® Illuminated Bollard

The Zenith illuminated bollard is a stainless steel bollard with a bright or satin polished finish. This illuminated bollard is perfect for making streets safe when the days get darker. By illuminating areas it reassures members of the community and extra visibility helps to reduce accidents and discourage crime. The Zenith illuminated is a low maintenance, secure lighting bollard; the LEDs are cold to touch and are securely sealed within the bollard. We can offer a wide range of LED colours and the Zenith bollard can be supplied to the height or finish suitable for your scheme. Our Zenith illuminated bollards conform to WEEE & RoHS standards.


  • ZEN901 B304 9LED (bright finish, 9 LED’s 10.8 Watt)
    900mm (a/g) x 300mm (b/g) x Ø115mm; weight: 12kg
  • ZEN901 S304 9LED (satin finish, 9 LED’s 10.8 Watt)
    900mm (a/g) x 300mm (b/g) x Ø115mm; weight: 12kg
  • ZEN901 DDA S304 9LED (satin finish, 9 LED’s 10.8 Watt)
    1000mm (a/g) x 300mm (b/g) x Ø115mm; weight: 12kg


  • Polycarbonate shell - white opal coloured
  • Stainless steel - G304 bright or satin polished
  • Steel - galvanised and powder coated finish


  • Base plated
  • Clear polycarbonate
  • Downward internal louvres

This is a guide only and the actual foundations will need to take into account the site conditions, the type of ground and the overturning moments, it is recommended that these are worked out by a suitably qualified engineer.

  • Ensure armoured cable and PVC 3 core flex is pre-wired into junction box (supplied by others)
  • Remove bollard head
  • Position bollard into foundation hole, with armoured cable entering & exiting bollard body
  • PVC 3 core to be wired into incoming connector block
  • Appropriate lamp to be fitted
  • Bollard head to be relocated and secured in position
  • Bollard to be tested for illumination
  • Working bollard to be concreted into position ensure it is straight and true
  • Foundation depth is usually the same as the root depth of the bollard
  • Minimum recommended foundation diameter is the root diameter plus 200mm
  • Concrete mix to 25 newtons

Product Notes

Zenith® Range
Zenith® Bollard - Registered Furnitubes International Ltd Design.

Health and Safety
IMPORTANT: We recommend bollard is wired to include a 'cut-off fuse' (by others). Ensure that a qualified electrician installs this product.

The 350mA LED array produces approx 1200lm. These bollards can also be supplied with optional clear polycarbonate and/or downward internal louvres for enhanced illumination level at ground level.

Note: exact specification may vary from details shown our website

Design changes
We reserve the right to change the design and specification on any item offered and, where possible, notification will be made.

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  • ZEN901 Zenith powder coated illuminated bollard

    ZEN901 Zenith powder coated illuminated bollard

  • ZEN901 Zenith satin polished stainless steel illuminated bollard

    ZEN901 Zenith satin polished stainless steel illuminated bollard

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Refer to e-brochure or PDF for full specification details and options.

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