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Concrete mixes

Colour / finish options
Furnitubes’ Concrete seating ranges are available in a number of standard mixes, with further finish options as summarised below. Custom mixes can be offered for large volumes.

Textured finish

  • Acid etched
    A very finely-textured surface achieved by washing with an acidic solution to reveal the fines and lightly expose the aggregates.
  • Exposed aggregate
    A coarse-textured finish, achieved by using retarders on the concrete to brush away the surface cement and expose the aggregates.
    The exposed aggregate textured finish option is not available on concrete seating products. 

Smooth finishes

  • Dressed
    A flat matt surface with minimal dressing of the ‘as struck’ cast surfaces.
  • Deluxe polished
    A highly polished and smooth surface which reveals the colour of both the concrete matrix and the aggregates (only available on flat surfaces).

Waterproof sealant
A matt waterproof sealant is applied as standard to all finish options on mixes:

  • Dark Grey FCH1
  • Reds FRD1 & FRD2
  • Terracotta FTE1
  • Green FGE1
  • Turquoise FTU1
  • Blue FBL1

Sealant is an optional extra on all other mixes and finishes. Although the sealant itself is clear, its application will darken the concrete compared with an uncoated finish.

Graffiti Removal
In areas where graffiti is anticipated as a potential problem, consideration should be given to the application of a proprietary anti-graffiti coating. Various coating systems are available, each with different application methods, cleaning processes for removing graffiti and restorative work required after cleaning to provide on-going protection. Please speak to our technical department for further information on the available options. Graffiti on uncoated concrete can be stubborn to remove and it is advisable to use personnel experienced and qualified in using dangerous chemicals and specialist cleaning equipment. A good starting point is to contact the Stone Federation Great Britain who could advise of a suitable local company. Note: we would advise against the cleaning of graffiti using very high pressure water lances close to the surface with a focused jet. Water cleaning should always be cleaned with a good fan of water at an angle to the surface, otherwise there is a risk of etching cleaning lines into the surface of the concrete.

Swatches shown should be considered indicative only. Please contact us to obtain samples to ensure that you specify and order the desired colour mix and finish.

Finish matrix
For ease of recognition and comparison, all mixes are presented to show the finish options in a common ‘matrix’ format. A crossed box indicates that the finish is not available in that mix. This usually applies to plainer finishes where the aggregates are not revealed, because these finishes are offered on other mix (es). It is possible to have selected different finishes on different surfaces, such as polishing of the top seating surface in contrast with an acid etch.

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