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Polyamide Coating

Polyamide coating is one of the toughest high-performance polymers that is used extensively in engineering and particularly the automobile industry for components such as roll-bars, bumpers, etc. Applied directly to (non-galvanised) mild steel, the coating is applied by a dip process, which achieves a smooth surface finish that offers excellent resistance to weathering, impact / abrasion and chemicals, and can withstand extremes of temperatures. As such it is an ideal coating for products such as cycle stands that are subject to daily wear and tear. Produced from castor oil - a natural renewable source – polyamide is also an environmentally friendly coating choice.

The only constraints of Polyamide coating are the limited colour range - semi-gloss black finish, similar to but marginally lighter than RAL9005 is the standard option for routine products - and the size limitations presented by the dipping bath, which makes is unsuitable for larger products such as complete seats.

Polyamide coated products can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove surface deposits or for more stubborn marking, detergents, cleansers and other cleaning agents can be used. 'Harsh' cleansers may also be used, but not on a regular basis as they may affect gloss level.

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