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Stainless Steel Polish Options

We offer 3 main finish options on stainless steel products – satin and bright polishing, and bead blasting - each with a distinctly different character and relative merits which are summarised below. Other more specialist finishes such as shot peening and electro-polishing can be offered on certain component parts and products on special request. Stainless steel can also be polyester powder coated if required, though generally speaking in our industry, stainless steel is chosen for its metallic finish and is rarely over-coated.

Stainless steel finish options comparison:
We suggest that this guide is used on a product-by-product + site-by-site basis to help determine the most appropriate polish option for specific schemes.

  Satin polished
Bright polished Bead blasted
 Aesthetic  character

 Brushed effect with a distinct grain  direction

 Highly buffed grain free finish but not 
 fully reflective

 Distinctly textured matt finish
 Resistance to  discolouration  and corrosion

 Good in most environments*

 The smooth surface finish means 
 contaminants generally wash off  more easily 

 Generally good in most environments, 
 but microscopic deformation of  surface  can harbour contaminants  which may cause discolouration

 Vulnerability to  damage / marking

 Marks ‘with the grain’ tend not to be  noticeable; across the grain, marks  may be more obvious

 More highly polished surfaces  generally show up marks more than  other finishes

 The textured finish may disguise small   / shallow markings 

 Ease of repair

 Good – small marks can be easily  repaired in situ with suitable abrasives

 Good – small marks can be polished  out in situ

 Not possible in situ – needs to be re-  finished in the factory


£ £££ ££

 * pollutants may cause minor discolouration over time

Stainless steel material grade options are described in detail here

For the reasons of cost, overall performance, suitability for most environments and its attractive appearance, G304 material in a satin polished is the most popular choice on most of our stainless products, particularly bollards, cycle stands and seating. If you are in doubt as to the most suitable selection for your scheme, please contact our Technical Department to advise on the site location on 020 8378 3200, and we can discuss the most suitable option(s) with you.

Selection of the most appropriate material grade and finish for the specific site will minimise the chances of discolouration and corrosion in stainless steel. 
It is important to keep stainless steel products away from dust contamination during building works in particular. After installation, we suggest the surface is wiped down with water and detergent, or specialist cleaning agents if deposits are embedded. To maintain a ‘factory finish’, stainless steel may require an ongoing cleaning regime, the extent and frequency of which depends on the environment in which the product is placed. The ease of repair to any surface damage is addressed in the above table.

Note: Furnitubes does not accept responsibility for contamination from installation site works or from general contamination thereafter


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