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Wet Spray

Furnitubes’ Wet-Spray Paint Specification
Furnitubes’ standard wet spray application for painted metal products is aligned to ISO 12944: Paints and varnishes. Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems. Protective paint systems. We apply the principles of this standard to other metals, including cast iron and aluminium. 

Corrosive environments:
Furnitubes offer paint protection and durability up to the following environmental classifications, as defined in 
ISO 12944:

C4: Industrial and coastal, chemical processing plants

This is Furnitubes’ standard paint specification, as applied to all products unless specifically requested otherwise.  

C5I: Industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmospheres

C5M: Marine, offshore, estuaries, coastal areas with high salinity

Paint application suitable for C5 environments can be supplied on specific request. 

Design Life:
Durability and design life of the paint system is determined by the specific location and environmental conditions where products are sited, and its resistance to corrosion by local climatic and atmospheric conditions. Durability and design life does not extend to factors such as wear and tear from abrasion or any other damage by external forces that may breach the paint surface. Anticipated durability and design life of our standard paint systems, with regular maintenance, and timely and appropriate repairs of any breaches to the original paint coverage, is as follows:

C4 Environment Classification: up to 10 years

C5I and C5M Environment Classification: up to 10-15 years

To ensure appropriate adhesion and durability of wet spray paint, the base metal is prepared in advance of painting, as suitable to each substrate material. After preparation, our paint system applied comprises the specific coating products as listed below.

Primer coat(s):
2-part epoxy primer, applied to a film thickness range of 80-180 microns in line with manufacturer’s specification

Top coat:
2-pack epoxy acrylic cosmetic finish, full gloss, to any RAL / BS4800 series colour reference, applied to a nominal film thickness of 120 microns.

All painted products are subject to a visual inspection at each stage of the paint application process, with paint thickness measurements taken to ensure tolerances specified by our paint supplier are adhered to. Scratch testing is undertaken on selected samples to ensure good adhesion between the paint and base metal.

We recommend products are removed from the packaging immediately after delivery to site, to avoid the possibility of adverse reactions with surface finishes. We further recommend that painted finishes are checked annually and any accumulated deposits wiped away with a damp cloth and light detergent, and rinsed off with clean water. For repair of on-site damage to the painted surfaces, normal touch-up and overpainting principles apply, including rubbing down over and around the damaged area to remove any oxidation deposits and blend in any distinct edges to the broken paint film before the application of appropriate primer and top coats.

Note: Furnitubes reserves the right to change specifications and technical information relating to its products or processes without due notice. This document or the information therein, does not form part or parts of any contractual agreement relating to products quoted or supplied, nor forms part of any guarantee.




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