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Light, strong and corrosion resistant

Aluminium products are characterised by their lightness, strength and corrosion resistance. This makes aluminium ideal for detailed castings, and is therefore used for signage fingers, finials and plaques.

Cleaning Methods
Cleaning methods in ascending order of harshness are:

1) Plain water
2) Mild soap / detergent
3) Solvents such as kerosene, turpentine or white spirit
4) Non-etching chemical cleaner
5) Wax-based polish
6) Abrasive wax

Simple steps can be employed when cleaning the aluminium to avoid staining and damage. The best way to keep aluminium looking pristine is regular cleaning to avoid any dirt build up. If left for an extended period of time, grime can cause staining and depending on the extent of staining will require a harsher cleaning system to remove the stain. In cleaning aluminium one should always start with the mildest method possible and only move to successively harsher treatments if absolutely necessary.

NOTE: Cast aluminium products will have Furnitubes' branding on them.

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