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Durable and vandal-resistant

Concrete is durable, low maintenance and ideal for urban locations. It can be cast into many contemporary styles and a variety of finishes are available.

The standard concretes offered on all Furnitubes’ products are long-established, tried and tested mixes that provide a popular choice of natural colours, with visual interest when the aggregates are revealed. All materials are UK-sourced, and batching control and testing procedures ensure a consistent appearance and performance. Should none of our standard colour options suit your scheme however, we can develop special mixes.

Handling & Installation
As these products are large and heavy, good lifting and transporting practices should be adopted to protect the installer and members of the public. Hand and foot protection must be used when carrying out these practices.

Products are generally delivered on pallets for offloading with a forklift on arrival at site. Most products are handled in unique ways, as suits their form, overall weight and weight distribution. Technical data sheets are available for individual products to advise on handling. Furnitubes is able to offer a complete delivery and installation solution, including offloading and placement via specialist lifting equipment - please call us to discuss further.

General Maintenance
An annual clean will keep the surface looking vibrant. Clean with water and mild detergent or a low pressure hose with a flatfan nozzle to help pry off surface dirt. Degreasers and chemical cleansers are available for more stubborn grime.

Graffiti Removal
In areas where graffiti is anticipated as a potential problem, consideration should be given to the application of a proprietary anti-graffiti coating. Various coating systems are available, each with different application methods, cleaning processes for removing graffiti and restorative work required after cleaning to provide on-going protection. Please speak to our technical department for further information on the available options. Graffiti on uncoated concrete can be stubborn to remove and it is advisable to use personnel experienced and qualified in using dangerous chemicals and specialist cleaning equipment. A good starting point is to contact the Stone Federation Great Britain who could advise of a suitable local company. Note: we would advise against the cleaning of graffiti using very high pressure water lances close to the surface with a focused jet. Water cleaning should always be cleaned with a good fan of water at an angle to the surface, otherwise there is a risk of etching cleaning lines into the surface of the concrete.

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