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Stainless Steel

Characterised by its metallic silver aesthetic, stainless steel is a popular choice for contemporary settings in particular, and for where a durable, low maintenance solution is sought. It is the addition of chromium, nickel and other elements that gives stainless steel its built-in corrosion resistance, meaning that the material can be used without any supplementary coatings. There are two principal grades of stainless steel that we use in our products, namely:

G304 – suitable for most general applications and locations

G316 – commonly referred to as ‘marine grade’, with a higher chromium content that offers greater corrosion resistance as suited to coastal locations and highly polluted environments 

There is no discernible visual difference between these two material grades.

Stainless steel is available in many different stock sizes and forms, including square and circular tubes and flat bars, as well as plates of many thicknesses. Plates are a starting point for many of our designs as these can be readily laser-cut to create distinctive forms and to include all fixing holes, before being shaped and welded into a finished product.

Stainless steel is typically left uncoated as the metallic / polished aesthetic of the material is usually the desired appearance. Stainless steel can though be coated if required, and is sometimes preferable over a mild steel product that is galvanised to achieve corrosion resistance and then coated with a coloured finish, principally because stainless steel fabrications are neater in terms of their welds (which do not ‘rise’ as they do on mild steel after galvanising) and because no potentially unsightly galvanising vent and drain holes are required. 

Selection of the most appropriate material grade and finish will minimise the chances of any discolouration to stainless steel, and the options are discussed in further detail, together with recommended maintenance. 

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