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Carbon steel, or mild steel as it is more commonly known, is an alloy predominantly of iron and carbon. It is extremely strong and hardwearing and can be formed and manipulated in many different ways to create products and components. In its raw form it is a relatively cheap material and offers good value for money if used effectively in structural terms and can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, making it an ideal choice for street furniture.

Steel is available in many different stock sizes and forms, including square and circular tubes, angles, channels and flat bars, as well as plates of many thicknesses. Plates are a starting point for many of our designs as these can be readily laser-cut to create distinctive forms and to include all fixing holes, before being shaped and welded into a finished product.

The product design possibilities offered by steel as a primary material are extensive, and our designers are happy to discuss these with you and to advise on appropriate material thicknesses and manufacturing methods for your specific application.

In an exterior environment, steel requires coating in order to prevent corrosion. We offer 3 main coating options on mild steel products – galvanising only, polyester powder coating only, and a combination of galvanising and powder coating. The characteristics of each of these finishes, the relative advantages / disadvantages of each and the type of products and sites that each is best suited to is addressed in detail at the following link, or alternatively please call Furnitubes Technical Department on 020 8378 3200 who will be happy to discuss these options with you.

Mild steel products that are designed to be supplied in a galvanised finish will require special consideration in terms of appropriate material weights to avoid distortion in the hot dipping process, the visibility of welds that will ‘rise’ after galvanising and the requirement for vent and drainage holes to enclosed cavities. Our designers are happy to advise on these matters and another useful point of reference is The Engineers and Architects Guide: Hot Dip Galvanising produced by the Galvanisers Association http://www.galvanizing.org.uk/.

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