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    How is it important for the environment?

    Things that can't be recycled end up in a landfill. Landfills fill up rapidly but, because its contents can't be reused or recycled into something else, it can take literal hundreds of years to even begin to decay. This means that greenhouse gases and other damaging toxins are being released and polluting the ozone layer; a layer which has already become dangerously worn down and, in some places, completely removed. Such a layer aids in protecting the earth from being harmed by the sun's UV rays.

    When this protection isn't there, the earth heats up, causing icebergs to melt (and induce flooding) and untameable wildfires to start in rainforests, forests, and deserts. Such natural yet preventable disasters can maim whole ecosystems at a time, endangering species of plants and even wiping some out.

    Large planter in public space
    Furnitubes UEL-62