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    Bell Bollard

    Lasts 25 years minimum
    Perfect in town centres & streetscapes

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    The revolutionary Bell bollard is recognised in public spaces up and down the UK. It is the original and only solution that can solve multiple traffic management problems. Manufactured from hard-wearing cast iron lasting over 25 years.

    The professional advice of a highway / civil engineer should be sought if you have any queries around the ground conditions or doubts over the suitability of the foundation.

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    Bell Bollard
    Bell 150 with CAP100 Capital Bollard, London 4

    Product Specifications and Codes

    ProductCodeWeight (kg)Above Ground (mm)Below Ground (mm)Diameter (mm)
    Original Bell bollardBELL100165475450600
    Bell HalfBELL120120475450600x300
    Bell for City BollardBELL138145475450565 x 600
    Bell with 150mm dia holeBELL150125475450600
    Bell with 115mm dia holeBELL115155475450600


    For more in-depth info, help yourself to the Bell bollard brochure - or get in touch with our sales team.

    Bell Bollard Brochure