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    Current Presentations

    How to solve common issues with steel planter walls

    Improve your knowledge of modular solutions vs traditional methods of planter construction - and specify with confidence.

    30 mins + Q&A

    Rooftop Design: Overcoming 6 key challenges

    Discover 6 key challenges you’re bound to face when designing a roof terrace and how you can overcome them.

    30 mins + Q&A

    Transform Outdoor Spaces with Modular Furniture

    We all love bespoke, but aren’t you curious about how a Modular Solution could help you stay on vision all the while cutting costs?

    30 mins + Q&A

    Shaping safer spaces

    Local authorities, developers and designers of the public realm, explore a range of solutions that will help you cultivate safer spaces for schemes and projects.

    30 mins + Q&A

    How to cultivate inclusive spaces for all

    Let us take you on a journey through modular design and how to cultivate inclusive spaces for everyone using our modular street furniture solutions.

    30 mins + Q&A

    Factory Tour

    Visit us for a tour of our Kent-based factory. Gain an understanding of our production process, meet the team behind the machinery and see our products fresh off the press.

    2 hours + lunch

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