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    Wall-Top Seating

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    Backrest Style
    side view alta wall-top seating by river side
    alta standard bench walltop

    Product Codes & Dimensions

    You can use the matrix below to find the code you need to specify the dimensions you need for your Alta seating.

    Alta Wall-topStandard Bench (405mm Depth)Back-Stop Bench (550mm Depth)Open Back Seat (600mm Depth)Enclosed Back Seat (600mm Depth)
    2-Person Seating (1000mm length)ALW 4B 2ALW 4X 2ALW 4S 2ALW 4E 2
    3-Person Seating (1500mm length)ALW 4B 3ALW 4X 3ALW 4S 3ALW 4E 3
    4-Person Seating (2000mm length)ALW 4B 4ALW 4X 4ALW 4S 4ALW 4E 4


    For more in-depth info, help yourself to the Wall-Top Seating brochure - or get in touch with our sales team.

    Wall-Top Seating Brochure