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    Arca Litter Bin

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    The contemporary Arca litter bin range is designed so that any worn-out components such as the lid, lock set, door rims and body panels can easily be replaced on-site.

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    Arca Litter BIn
    Furnitubes Arca litter bin installation
    Architect drawing

    Product Specifications and Codes

    ADD a 'T' to the end of the code when specifying a timber clad body.

    ProductCodeDiameter (mm)Height (mm)Capacity (litres)
    Arca circular all-steel litter binARC 5Ø550104090
    Arca square all-steel litter binARC 8Ø5501040110
    Arca circular ended, dual compartment, all-steelARC 5DØ55010402 x 90
    Arca square ended, dual compartment, all-steelARC 8DØ55010402 x 110
    Arca circular single-sided, all-steel litter binARC 5FØ550104090
    Arca square single-sided, all-steel litter binARC 8FØ5501040110


    For more in-depth info, help yourself to our Litter Bins brochure. Or for instant access to CADs, click on the block below and enter your details.

    Liiter Bins brochure