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    Bench & Planter

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    Axl can be a bench, planter or both and comes in 4 forms in 3 different sizes

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    Bench/Planter Option
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    AXL planterand bench

    Product Codes & Dimensions

    You can use the matrix below to find the code you need to specify the style and dimensions you need for the Axl

    Axl TypeØ1200 DiameterØ1500 DiameterØ1800 Diameter
    Full Circle BenchAXl 120AXL 150AXL 180
    Full Circle Planter-AXL PLAXL 180 PL
    3/4 CircleAXL 120 34AXL 150 34AXL 180 34
    1/2 CircleAXL 120 12AXL 150 12AXL 180 12
    1/4 CircleAXL 120 14AXL 150 14AXL 180 14


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