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    Hammersmith Bollard

    Free UK Mainland Delivery

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    The Hammersmith bollard, when installed over 1000mm, can aid the visually impaired and assist in meeting the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). It complies with BS 8300.
    Available as a removable bollard in cast aluminium and can be housed in either a hinged steel socket (to be secured with a padlock) or the F1 socket, which provides a flat, flush finish when not in use.

    • Sold painted black (RAL9005) only
    • Price includes delivery to UK Mainland only
    • Delivered in 2-3 days (fixed bollards only)
    • Reflective tape sold separately (add to cart)

    For quantity's larger than 9 or outside UK Mainland delivery,
    please enquire here.

    Product Specifications and Codes

    ProductCodeWeight (kg)Above Ground (mm)Below Ground (mm)Diameter (sq)
    Hammersmith cast iron bollardHAM 500381000300130
    Hammersmith aluminium removable bollardHAM 500 AR201000320130
    Architect drawing


    For more in-depth info, help yourself to our Bollard brochure

    Bollard Brochure