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    Picnic Bench & Table

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    Bench & Table Supports
    Colindale Office in London roof terrace tables

    Product Codes & Dimensions

    Table: 1950mm (L) x 825mm (w) x 795mm (H)
    Wide Table: 1950mm (L) x 930mm (W) x 795mm (H)

    TableRRTE 825RRTL 825RRTD 825
    Wide TableRRTE 930RRTL 930RRTD 930
    SeatRRSES7 1950RRSLR7 1950RRSDA7 1950
    BenchRRBES7 1950RRBLR7 1950RRBDA7 1950
    Lite BenchRRBESN 1950RRBLRN 1950RRBDAN 1950
    InLine SeatRRLSES7 1950RRLSLR7 1950RRLSDS 7 1950
    InLine BenchRRLBES7 1950RRLBLR7 1950RRLBDS7 1950
    Inline Lite BenchRRLBESN 1950RRLBLRN 1950RRLBDSN 1950


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