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    Stainless Steel Polish Options

    Stainless steel finish options comparison

    Use our guide to help determine the most appropriate polish option for your scheme or project - and if you have any questions, please get in touch

    Satin polishedBright PolishedBead blasted
    Aesthetic characterBrushed effect with a distinct grain directionHighly buffed grain free finish but not fully reflectiveDistinctly textured matt finish
    Resistance to discolouration and corrosion Good in most environments, but pollutants may cause minor discolouration over timeThe smooth surface finish means contaminants generally wash off more easilyGenerally good in most environments, but microscopic deformation of surface can harbour contaminants which may cause discolouration
    Vulnerability to damage / markingMarks ‘with the grain’ tend not to be noticeable; across the grain, marks may be more obviousMore highly polished surfaces generally show up marks more than other finishes The textured finish may disguise small / shallow markings
    Ease of repairGood – small marks can be easily repaired on site with suitable abrasivesGood – small marks can be polished out on siteNot possible on site – needs to be re- finished in the factory
    Cost (relative)££££££
    Stainless steel Zenith bollards in a row