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Cigarette Waste Litter Bins

Arca Litter Bin

Arca Litter Bin

The contemporary Arca litter bin range is designed so that any worn-out componen...

More options Ash waste facilitiesRodent base baitManufactured in the UK
Zenith® Litter Bin

Zenith® Litter Bin

The Zenith litter bin has become one of the most popular products in our outdoor...

More options Ash waste facilitiesBird proofRodent base baitRecycling facilitiesManufactured in the UK

Areas used by smokers can often become messy and unattractive, with unsightly cigarette butts littering the ground. Smokers have been driven outside since the smoking ban in 2007, and cigarette butts and ash can pollute sites which results in more time and money spent keeping your site clean.

Furnitubes' cigarette bins encourage customers, visitors and employees to dispose of their cigarette waste responsibly, helping to keep areas tidy with minimum effort or maintenance. Furnitubes offer a wide range of wall mounted cigarette bins, floor mounted cigarette bins, and smoking shelters; all designed with strength and style in mind.

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