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    Ashdown Bollard

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    Ashdown circular bollards are made from naturally durable hardwood timbers that offer good fire resistance and are 100% biodegradable.

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    Timber bollard with red reflective tape

    Product Specifications and Codes

    Replace 'ARP' in code with 'ARG' for timber bollard with groove

    Product CodeDiameter (mm)Above Ground (mm)Below ground (mm)Weight (kg)
    ARP 125/1751255002508
    ARP 125/90012560030010
    ARP 125/120012580040013
    ARP 125/1500150100050016
    ARP 150/75015050025011
    ARP 150/90015060030014
    ARP 150/120015080040018
    ARP 150/1500150100050023
    ARP 175/75017550025016
    ARP 175/90017560030020
    ARP 175/120017580040027
    ARP 175/1500175100050035
    ARP 200/75020050025021
    ARP 200/90020060030026
    ARP 200/120020080040035
    ARP 200/1500200100050045


    For more in-depth info, help yourself to our Bollard brochure

    Bollard Brochure