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    Timber Bollard

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    Durable timber bollard perfect for residential projects, available in various sizes with added options.

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    Above/Below Ground
    Epping bollard on residential street
    epping timber bollard installation diagram

    Product Codes & Dimensions

    You can use the matrix below to find the code you need to specify the dimensions you need for your Epping bollard.
    *Note - for Epping bollards with grooves, replace ESP with ESG in the code. For example 'ESG 125/750'

    Dimension500mm Above ground 250mm Below ground600mm Above ground 300mm Below ground800mm Above ground 400mm Below ground1000mm Above ground 500mm Below ground
    125mm sqESP 125/750 || Weight: 11kgESP 125/900 || Weight: 13kgESP 125/1200 || Weight: 18kgESP 125/1500 || Weight: 22kg
    150mm sqESP 150/1500 || Weight: 16kgESP 150/900 || Weight: 18kgESP 150/1200 || Weight: 25kgESP 150/1500 || Weight: 30kg
    175mm sqESP 175/750 || Weight: 24kgESP 175/900 || Weight: 29kgESP 175/1200 || Weight: 38kgESP 175/1500 || Weight: 48kg
    200mm sqESP 200/750 || Weight: 29kgESP 200/900 || Weight: 35kgESP 200/1200 || Weight: 46kgESP 200/1500 || Weight: 58kg


    For more in-depth info, help yourself to the Bollard brochure - or get in touch with our sales team.

    Bollards Brochure