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    RailRoad Seat & Planter

    Modular Street Furniture
    Use in: Public Realm Schemes, Parks and Rooftops

    Railroad Seating & Planters

    Use our digital tool to configure the modular RailRoad range in continuous seating runs with integrated planters and more.

    Create your perfect scheme now.

    Man sitting on a bench in London
    People sitting on a bench in a public area
    Man on his phone sat on Railroad bench at Quaker friars in Bristol
    Seating and planters outside Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham
    woman sat on railroad parklet in vauxhall
    Curved railroad seat on the conduit club rooftop
    three friends on Railroad bench in Quaker friars Bristol
    Railroad seating and integrated planters at vauxhall one project
    timber slats on the Railroad bench at Vauxhall one

    Support Options

    There are two RailRoad support styles to choose from, Delta and Loop.
    Delta supports are ideal for bolt-down surfaces while Loop supports are perfect for in-ground installations although they can also be bolted down if required.

    Railroad seating Delta support side view


    Support Style
    Open frame design

    Timber Style
    Square- form straight slats

    Installation Options
    Bolt-down or Freestanding only

    Railroad seating Loop support side view


    Support Style
    Central circular posts

    Timber Style
    Square- form straight slats

    Installation Options
    Bolt-down, Freestanding or In-ground

    RailRoad seating and planters integrated configuration
    Lady sitting on Railroad bench on her phone at bristol quaker friars

    Product Codes & Dimensions

    You can find all the technical info on dimensions and product codes and more below. If you can't find what you're after, drop us an enquiry and we'll be happy to help.

    Loop Support - Independent Bench
    Delta Support - Independent Bench
    Backrest - Independent Bench
    Loop Support - Straight Modules
    Delta Support - Straight Modules
    Loop Support - Curved Modules
    Delta Support - Curved Modules
    Straight Backrest Modules
    Curved Backrests Modules - External Curve
    Curved Backrest Modules - Internal Curve
    Tablet surface
    Independent Planters
    Integrated Modular Planters - 470mm High
    Integrated Modular Planters - 720mm High
    Bridge Seating Unit

    Technical Resources

    For more in-depth info, help yourself to the RailRoad brochure. Or for instant access to CADs, click on the block below and enter your details.

    RailRoad in the Wild

    Public Realm

    Strand Aldwych

    Our AKRI planters create biodiversity and RailRoad variation encourages inclusivity at newly pedestrianised public space

    Public Realm
    South East England

    Beale Place

    We produced an inclusive RailRoad seating solution with capacity for at least 24 people at any one time