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    Zenith® Foot Pedal Sanitiser Dispenser

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    Our Zenith hand sanitiser dispenser is incredibly easy to use. Made from recycled steel, it is a smart, hygienic and durable solution for busy public and commercial areas like offices, factories, retail, hospitality. Bright coloured versions are shorter in size and ideal for schools and nurseries. It can be used indoors or outdoors to encourage good hand hygiene as people enter or exit your premises.

    Supplied fully assembled, with instructions, 2 x 1L refillable bottles and 4 rubber buttons for extra stability on carpet or uneven grounds.

    **No returns or exchange**

    Product Specifications & Codes

    Product CodeDescriptionDiameter (mm)Height (mm)
    ZEN310-PPC-KIDS-BLACKRound base plate 250mm 6kgØ115900
    ZEN310-PPC-KIDS- ANTHRACITERound base plate 250mm 6kgØ115900
    ZEN310-PPC-KIDS-REDRound base plate 250mm 6kgØ115800
    ZEN310-PPC-KIDS-YELLOWRound base plate 250mm 6kgØ115800
    ZEN310-PPC-KIDS-BLUERound base plate 250mm 6kgØ115800
    ZEN310-PPC-KIDS-GREENRound base plate 250mm 6kgØ115800
    Red freestanding foot-pedal sanitiser dispenser
    Black mild steel