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Timber Bollards

Ashdown Bollard

Ashdown Bollard

Ashdown circular bollards are made from naturally durable hardwood timbers that ...

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Epping Bollard

Epping Bollard

The Epping range are square hardwood bollards, with a four-way weathered top and...

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Garrick Bollard

Garrick Bollard

Garrick square bollards are a mid-range product in a choice of Green Oak or Pres...

More options Disability consciousManufactured in the UK

Furnitubes' timber bollards harmonise with both natural and man-made surroundings. Timber bollards offer a timeless elegance and, being of natural material, age gracefully. The essence of effective timber bollards is the use of hardwoods such as Greenheart, Wallabe, Opepe, all of which are classified as naturally very durable and are used for the Epping and Ashdown timber bollard ranges.

Some of the benefits of timber bollards from Furnitubes:

  • Naturally very durable and extremely strong.
  • Timber bollards can be drilled to accept tube or fitted with eyebolts for chain, to form a pedestrian barrier.
  •  One of the most environmentally friendly material choices.
  • Natural, reusable and recyclable
  • An economical choice - low maintenance and weather naturally.


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