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Polymer Composite Bollards

Revert Bollard Range

Revert Bollard Range

The Revert range of bollards are manufactured from a unique reinforced polymer c...

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Furnitubes Revert bollards are manufactured from a unique polymer composite. If driven over these bollards are able to revert back to their original position and form. 

Here are some of the benefits of the Revert range:

  • Long-lasting - these bollards are guaranteed to last practically a lifetime and do not need to be replaced.
  • Maintenance free - they do not require painting, are non-corrosive and are not affected by rust.
  • Several options available - bollards can be supplied removable or root fixed, with a wealth of colours and designs available.
  • Strong, durable material - the bollards need a weight of 250kg to make them bend overm and do not become dented or broken.
  • Immediate emergency access - the bollards can be driven over by emergency vehicles.
  • Safer to vehicles and people - their flexibility means they are less likely to cause as much damage in the unfortunate event of an accident, compared to metal bollards.

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